Not a member of the library yet…what are you waiting for?



Free membership of the library is available to everyone and all our books, including the very newest ones, are free to borrow. Not a member yet? Adults and accompanied children can pop in, join the library and borrow items immediately. Ideally adults should join on line via Gloucestershire Libraries website. You will need ID and a recent bill. Children of adults who are already library members can join at the library if the adult acts as guarantor regarding any fines outstanding.


DVDs and Audio Books: Why not try one of our many New DVD titles at just £2 per week?  Or pop in and borrow one of our many Audio Books at just £1.50 for a 3-week loan, giving you plenty of time to listen to the story. You can also download ebooks and e audio books from


Wi-Fi is available in the library so you can use your own tablet, phone and other devices and get faster access to the internet which is free. Free access to the internet is still available via the three People’s Computers. If you are already a member, just log in using your Membership No and your Pin. If not a member you can still use the computers but you will have to give your details to the front desk and proof of ID. You will be asked to sign the form in order to comply with Data Protection.


Computer Skills: Currently this is suspended due to Covid 19 restrictions. Normally we offer help, either if you have never used a computer before or if you would like to improve your skills. We also offer personal tutorials to help you make better use of your laptop or iPad. Please contact the font desk staff and we will see what we can arrange in the circumstatnces

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