Lechlade Library is now open under reduced hours due to Covid 19. We have put safety measures in place. The below are normal opening times. However , due to reduced volunteers able to return, the Covid 19 opening times below will initially be available.

Monday        1000 – 1600

Tuesday       1000 – 1300

Wednesday  1000 -1300

Thursday      1000 – 1300

Friday           1300 – 16.30

Saturday       1000 – 1300

Sunday          Closed


The Library is open on the following days.

Monday       1000 – 1300

Wednesday 1300 – 1600

Saturday      1000 – 1300

Customers will be asked section sanatise their hands on entry and exit and wear a face covering. Only 2 people in the Adult Section browsing books and 2 people using the public computers at a time. 1 Family or 2 people only in the Children section. We would appreciate your compliance.

We may have to close on some of these days due to a lack of trained volunteers. A notice will be put on the door if this happens.


Adults – Can join online either from home or at the library. If you join on line at the library we can issue you with your card straight away. A form of ID and a recent bill to prove your home address may be required. A Passport is not accepted as proof because it does not carry your address.

Visitors – Can get a temporary Library Card for 90 days but must prove that they belong to their local library through proof of a current Library Card. Proof of US will be requested.

Computer use – We do not charge for use. If you are a Gloucestershire  Library member just come in and use. If you are not, you are required to complete and sign a form for Data Protection use and this form will be kept by the Library for 6 months and then destroyed. In addition proof of your home address will be required.

Children – If the parent is a member and willing to act as guarantor for the child (pay fines on late items etc) then simply bring in the parent’s library card and give us the child’s name and date of birth. We can open an account in the child’s name straight away. Where children are staying with separated parents, each parent can act as Guarantor and the child can be issued with 2 cards.